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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Soap?
Soap is an exacting art. Every ingredient must be weighed. Basically, soap is nothing more than a mixture of water, lye and fats. To make lather, we add coconut oil. For softer skin, we add olive oil.

VIEW OUR PRODUCTSWhere Do You Purchase Lye?
We purchase lye in bulk through a distributor. You can purchase it in your local grocery store in the soap aisle.

What are Essential Oils?
Essential oils are oils derived directly from plant materials. They can be from the flowers, stems, leaves or roots of the plant. Essential oils possess anti-microbial properties so are excellent for destroying bacteria on the skin.

My Grandmother used to make soap, but it was "lye" soap?
All soap is "lye" soap. You cannot make soap without lye. After the water, lye and fats are mixed and allowed to set for 24 hours, the mixture saponifies and becomes soap. The lye in the soap is no longer harmful to the skin.

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